Multiple UFOs sighted over Auburn, California

On November 1, 2013, an inhabitant of Auburn (in California) has seen three bright orbs flying in the sky above him. He has taken some photos…

Witness statement:

I noticed two orbs aligned Northeast to Southwest from a line drawn North to South. At the same time I observed floating matter in the air falling to the ground, the matter resembled spider silk from Japanese spiders that commonly fly on the wind with their webs. But this stuff was different, similar but only 3" max in length, like a seed pod cast in the wind. I noticed those first then looked up an saw the orbs, geostationary with two bright object equally spaced transitioning around the orbs themselves. The orbs themselves through binoculars seemed to have something moving on the surface but they were too distant to determine what it was. These orbs remained in position and were visible still at 8 miles away. I pointed them out to my friends I met for lunch, they were amazed also. Estimated distance between is deceiving as distance is unknown, 24cm high on a rule held @ arms length of 71cm. I am not a mathematician, just an observer.