Long and bright UFO over Doylestown, USA

A few days ago, a witness has discovered a longitudinal UFO on a photo taken on February 23, 2015 in Doylestown (in Pennsylvania, USA). It was a long and bright object, perhaps not visible to naked eye.

Witness statement:

While visiting our daughter and son in law I snapped several photos with my smart phone of interesting places we saw that afternoon. I didn't see this artifact in the photo until I down loaded it on my home computer and enlarged the area in which this object shows up. I noticed a 'bright spot' on the photo. Could be that it is so pixilated it is distorted. Possibly aircraft but I see no wings or tail rudder on the object. I assume a expert in digital photography can tell us what it is. Like I said, I never saw it when I took the shot.

Camera: LG mod. VS985 4G
F-Stop: f/2.4
Exposure time: 1/487
ISO speed: ISO-50
Focal length: 4mm