Flickering UFO snapped over Pontypool, Wales

On February 21, 2015, an inhabitant walked along a road in Pontypool (town located in Wales) to meet friends. One moment, he would take a photo of beautiful night sky. But later he noticed a flickering and colored UFO. Today, he can’t explain this phenomenon …

Witness report:

I was on the was on the way down to meet my friends when I consciously noticed that the Moon, planets and stars were unusually bright and thought that it would make for an interesting photo to upload on social media. I was stood in the doorway, looking west to the valley face opposite and thought nothing of it.

I looked through my phone whilst we were at the pub later that evening and I thought I'd check through my phone to see the photos I had taken. When I first looked at them, I passed it off as a Chinese lantern before I zoomed in and the hair stood up on the back of my neck and I felt uncomfortable and anxious. It may have been terrestrial and insignificant if it weren't for how erratic it moved between each of the five photo frames (I accidently deleted roughly three other photos before I realized what was on the photos in question).

At the time, I thought little of the green, orange and red flickering object, I'd mistaken it for another star or planet. February 20th (the day before) was referred to as 'The Dance of the Planets' whereby Uranus, Mars and Venus are positioned close to one another above the western horizon of the night sky- this is why I thought little of it.
The object disappeared without me noticing it had.

It's possible that there's a meteorological or man-made explanation to the sighting but I thought it better to send the Samsung S3 photos to people with more experience in these anomalies.