UFO photographed near chemtrails in Decatur, GA

On January 28, 2015, after he noticed usual chemtrails in the sky over the city of Decatur (in Georgia), he snapped them. But, on these photos, a UFO appears…

Witness report:

I was visiting the VA Medical Center in Decatur, GA. It was on Wednesday of last week at about 11:30 a.m. I was parked on the topmost floor (#4) of the parking garage. I noticed chemtrails were being made over Atlanta/Decatur.. again.. it's pretty much a weekly occurrence. And I typically get out of my car to take photos of them. Perhaps someday they will become a scrapbook.. because otherwise, no one that can do anything about them take them seriously anyway. After I cleaned the lens, i took about 4 photos using my Nexus 4, with the default camera app. Then put my smartphone back in my pocket, and went inside the facility for my daily appointment.

When I got home that afternoon I took a look at the photos. And WOW.. 1st time I *ever* accidently caught a UFO in a photo. Interesting thing is.. there are 2 photos of the same area of the sky.. about 3 seconds apart. Now you see it.. now you don't. If it were something on the lens, it would have showed in both photos. Not the case. The moon was on the opposite side of the sky, it wasn't full yet, and it was much larger than this object anyway. It was near noon.. so no stars were visible as well.. as you can see from the photos.

So.. my theory is.. it either cloaked.. or zipped into another dimension, wormhole, etc. And a footnote.. was it observing the chemtrails..?