Two towers discovered on Moon’s surface

An astronomer thought he has found, on January 2015, two buildings on the Moon’s surface! Images weren’t clears but revelation is astonishing…

Scott C. Waring explains:

An astronomer was looking at the moon and was fortunate enough to catch these two towers on the edge of a crater. There are a lot of alien artifacts on the moon. That much I promise, but many are difficult to see, but can be seen if you have an infrared camera looking through a scope. This guy doesn't, but still caught some megaliths. If you have an ir camera, please check out the moon sometime. You will be blown away. SCW

Eyewitness states:
1/7/15 Sylmar, CA 2 days after full moon. Captured footage with 12" Meade LX (no motor). Celestron zoom. Captured with Alpha 6000 at 60fps. Comes with a few fun moon facts. This looks like a huge megalith outside a football stadium. Just having fun looking at the moon.