Teardrop-shaped UFO over San Marcos, CA

On February 18, 2015, a family returned home when they noticed a teardrop-shaped metallic UFO in the sky over San Marcos, California. What is it?

Witness statement:

My wife and had just picked our 5 year old up from school and were driving home. The skies that day were a bit hazy, with an white upper-layer of cloud cover. As we were driving, I happened to glance up at about a 60 degree angle to the horizon, and see this shiny, metallic object that appears to be hovering over the golf course. This object looks to be an upside-down shaped teardrop, with what appeared to be a flat almost paddle-like shape formed at the base of the object. We went around the corner to our house, grabbed the camera, and rushed back, about a 1/4 mile away. We got back to the same spot, and still see the object. But now it was spinning in a slow counter-clockwise rotation, traveling at a Northeast to Northwest direction, about the same speed as a typical airplane. I would have to guess the altitude of the object to be around 1500 or so feet off the ground. I lined up a clear shot of the object with my camera, and as I got to take the picture, the object moves out of screen. I line up the shot again, and the object darts out of the shot again. I spend about 10 minutes trying to capture the object in a picture, but it almost appears to "evade" being photographed. Finally I just clicked the button on the camera, and hoped a shot was captured. We went home, and discovered the first 4 pictures only were of patched of white and blue sky. The fifth picture had a little "dot" in the frame. I enlarged the size of the picture, and see what appears to be a metallic craft of some sort, with what appears to be possibly red a blue lights around the middle of the ship. The object is blurred the more it is magnified, but still is an interesting object to say the least.