Orbs snapped near Louisville, Kentucky

On February 12, 2015, a person was driving to work when he decided to take pictures of the ‘interesting sky’ over Louisville, in Kentucky. On his photos, it appears several orbs like UFO…

Witness statement:

I was on my way to work on February 12th just before 5 p.m. when I noticed the sky looked interesting so having photography being a hobby of mine I decided I'd take some pictures of it with my Samsung Galaxy S5. I held the camera horizontally and took 11 pictures. I didn't look at the pictures until the next day when I wasn't working. I wanted just the sky in the pictures so I started to zoom in on one of the photos to see what it would look like without the trees, vehicles and other objects in it. When I did I noticed a round object with what looks like several lights on it in a distinctive pattern. I thought it was odd so I started looking at the other photos. This object appeared in 5 of the 11 photos and in different parts of the sk. In two of them the object showed up clearly with the light pattern being vertical in one and horizontal in the other. I did not see this object with my naked eye nor was I paying close attention to the details of the sky because I was driving. I’m attaching 4 photos in all. Two of the photos are the originals and the other two are pictures where I cropped and zoomed in on the object to give a closer look at the object I'm talking about. I am hoping someone will contact me and tell me what this object is.