Large chemtrails photographed in Kentucky, USA

On December 26, 2014, a man living in the city of Independence (in Kentucky, USA) has noticed impressive chemtrails and contrails in the blue sky. On photos taken by witness, we can also see a possible bright UFO.

Witness report:

I was outside early morning on December 26 around 9:30am to film the so called chemtrails to show my wife whom had not woken up yet, sure seems like there was more than normal. I was using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cell phone, I really didn't even notice the object until I uploaded the photos to my computer. After I uploaded them I then saw something strange in the photo, so I zoomed in on it. I know my aircraft but I'm not sure what is showing up in these photos. I have no ideal what it is that I photographed. By submitting these photos maybe they can be sent to the right person and be identified. I would sure like to know.