Large alien spacecraft sighted over Magnolia, Ohio

On October 2009, an automobilist was near the village of Magnolia (in the state of Ohio, USA) when he has spotted a silent, large dark object, with two large lights on bottom. Witness has drawn two sketches of this incredible apparition…

Witness statement:

Driving home from work, app 12:20 AM. Heading South on Willowdale Ave. Notice two large white lights moving slowly across top of trees, app.1400 feet away to the South East. Two large lights under large dark shoe box shape with a light tan colored inverted cone shape on top. A red flashing light was reflecting off of the cone, pulsating at 1 1/2 seconds. Could not see where the red flashing light was coming from.

As I was stopping my pickup, I rolled down my window and there was no sound, not even from my noisy 6 cyl. engine. Only sound heard was gravel under tires while I was breaking hard. Object moved from East to West, app. 500 ft. and stopped. Still at tree top level. I looked around to see if anyone else was seeing this, looked in my lunch box for my phone camera, wasn't there. Looked for object and it moved to location East of me, app. 250 ft. away. The back of it looked like the front view, including the flashing red light reflecting off the cone.

They were two rows of round bumps, three per row, with shadows under each button.

It hovered for app. 1 second and shot to the North, straight line, at a 30 degree angle and disappeared in 2 seconds as the lights got smaller in the distance.

No moon or clouds at time of sighting.