Greece denounces UE manipulation on Ukraine

The new Greek government, led by Alexis Tsipras, protested strongly against the declaration by the « … heads of State or government of the Union... » which declares that the « separatists » bear the responsibility for the « blind bombing » of the town of Marioupol and threatens Russsia with new sanctions.

According to Mr. Tsipras, Greece had not been consulted, and the declaration had been published in violation of Union procedure.

According to the EU Observer, Hungary, Slovakia and Austria made several vain attempts to modify the declaration by removing the phrase attributing the attack of Marioupol to the independentists.

24th January 2015 : attack on Marioupol by the Ukrainian army
25th January : Alexis Tsipras’ party wins the legislative elections in Greece
26th January : the president of the Union, Donald Tusk, congratulates Mr. Tsipras for his victory
27th January : the Union publishes the Declaration by heads of State or governments (dated the 26th) while the new Greek government is engaged in the swearing-in process
28th January: the Greek government denounces a violation of Union procedure.