Giant triangular-shaped over Inwood, WV

On February 5, 2015 at 6:30 PM, an inhabitant maintains to have seen for himself a big black triangle flying object during 35 minutes! At this moment, witness was in Inwood, a CSP (‘census designated-place’) located in West Virginia. This case has been reported to NUFORC website.

Witness report:

Was a very large slow and fast moving triangle shaped aircraft it seemed to hover alil. It kept flying in a huge circle! It had a VERY light hum to it! It had 3 lights on its bottom on a triangle shape it was a solid black in color! It also had one blinking red light on the top on back! There was a row of square shaped BRIGHT white lights across the hole edge of the front of the air raft!! I have 4 videos of this UFO!!!