UFO filmed with an infrared camera in Germany

On June 15, 2012, in Germany, an inhabitant has observed, thanks to an infrared camera, a white flying saucer that moving very quickly. Witness specifies that UFO was no visible to naked eye…

Witness statement:

After I finished my observation with my camera in the infrared light spectrum, I found this ultra fast white "thing" crossing my screen.

I figured out that it needs about 8 single screenshots to pass my lense.

A straight flight accelerating speed. Attached I sent you two single screenshots of the film. The first when it entered my screen, left downside, and the last screenshot just before it disappears. At both pictures you can see a sharp symmetrically shaped, geometric shape. Dark windows and a kind of dome. Looks like it flies upside down. When it enters my screen left downside it looks like it left compressed air-same like caused by a jet when reaching supersonic speed. Please magnify both pictures to see further details, concerning shape and color. It was not visible with natural eyes. Appears into visibility only by infrared cam.