Two circular UFOs connected spotted in Texas

On January 24, 2015, over the city of Hale Center (in Texas), a man and his wife have seen and snapped two white circular-shaped object in clear sky. These UFOs looked connect together.

Witness statement:

Me and my partner were working about the time he noticed something and asked me to look so, as I look up I see two bright objects or lights real close to each other and my partner said that it looked like to circles side by side so as we watched more it speed up, turned and slowed down unusual moments in the air that aircrafts can't make. So I take some pictures as another on comer comes along to see and he was baffled as to what the flying object was so as I start running to the front of my work place to get a better photo it vanished me and my partner were sure what we saw thought it was neat and incredible as we have never seen nothing like it. Overall I would say that it has changed my thought about a lot of things and to what is actually out there in the world today well that's my story I have a photo I will post and would definitely like to know opinions as to what y'all might think it is thanks.