Three flashing green UFOs spotted in Canada

On December 29, 2014, several members of same family living in the province of New Brunswick (in Canada) have been able to sight at least three random flashing lights. One of witnesses has taken surprising images…

Witness statement:

I stepped outside to have a smoke on my back deck and I noticed 3 lights that were diagnol flashing like crazy. After realizing that it was't a plane I called my daughter outside to see. Neither of us could figure out exactly what it was so we got my camera and I began recording. The object began to move around and change shape. It wound up going lower towards the ground changing to a triangle shape. I had stopped recording by that point and was taking photos. So I do have video footage of it on youtube as well as some photos that I will include in the report. I didn't focus my camera the greatest because I was not sure how long we would be seeing the lights. Luckily I had it in a half decent focus so you can get the general idea. I did notice going through the photos that it seemed to be rotating. I am not sure but that is just what it looks like when I go through them in order.By the time I took the last photo the object/objects were already really low and barely visible. I did not see in the photo but it would of been in same area just slightly above the roof of the house. Another thing I noticed in the pictures was the green glare on them. I do not know what causes it but I do know that when I take photos of the moon and such sometimes I will see a green circle and such. I think it is a type of glare. But the last photo you could not really see the objects but you can see the green glare perfectly. It was just odd and odd how the objects were in position compared to the glare. Usually I would see it in front of the object and not on the side like that.

Eventually we wound up losing site of it. It went below the tree's so I am unsure of what happened to it.