Mother claims stars on school bus are Satan’s symbol

Some people have too much time on their hands to live in fear.

One Mid-South, Memphis, Tennessee mother is all in a tizzy about stars in the taillights of a school bus. She considers them signs of Satan.

As if public schools don’t have enough to worry about, am I right?

Robyn Wilkins was so worked up over the “signs of the devil” that she made sure to take a picture of the bus’ evil taillights when it was stopped in Cordova. She stated:

Anyone who fears a God, if not God and Jesus Christ, should be outraged.

Yes, really.

According to Wilkins, any good Christian should be gnashing their teeth with outrage over the stars. After all, how could the school system allow such a thing? Pentagrams on school buses? Forget that they are also harmless five-pointed stars as depicted on the American flag, of all things. No, these stars are EVIL because they’re upside down. Uprights stars are patriotic and should be saluted, pledged to at the beginning of each school day, but flip them upside down and place them on the taillights of a school bus transporting those kids to school and suddenly they are riding in Satan’s sled to fire and brimstone. It’s blasphemy!

The absurdity of it all doesn’t stop there, though – parents are also fighting it out online over social media. Some claim the taillights are hilariously subliminal messages from God’s fallen angel, while others realistically dismiss it as a nothing – a design without intention, malice, or evil symbolic significance.

Wilkins isn’t having it, though:

If you can’t put a cross on there, you cannot put a pentagram on it.

As if the taillights are an expression of religion rather than a simple, common, meaningless design. Put an upside-down cross in the taillights and Wilkins might have a point, but wasn’t it a star that led the three wise men to the baby Jesus, after all? Oh, but they could tell that star was right-side up, right?

Strangely, even folks who attribute little to no significance to the stars in the taillights are full of questions – busy bodies getting in the debate, no doubt.

Marsha Hudson questioned:

Why’d they put it up there? Why’d they put it upside down?

Local news station WMC Action News 5 even went so far as to interview a local practicing Wiccan over the matter. News 5 was actually able to speak to Jo Applewhite regarding the pentagrams without bursting into flames. Applewhite claims the five-pointed star, known as a pentagram, is actually not evil or Satanic at all. Most likely, the pentagram predates Christianity entirely, as so many traits of the religion can be traced back to pagan practices.

Applewhite stated:

Find out what it really means before you start getting riled up and all worked up about something. Wiccans, we believe in God, we believe in Jesus, but we don’t call him God.

Clearly Applewhite does not “fear a God.” How does she live day to day without being smote in the grocery aisle examining cantaloupes? God does work in mysterious ways, no?

Wilkins isn’t budging, though. She claims the starred taillights “send the wrong signal” – no pun intended, I’m sure. Wilkins would very much like the brake lights replaced with the traditional solid red. It seems she’s forgotten that Satan is often depicted as a red beast with horns and a pitchfork.

Distraught as Wilkins is over nothing, she has yet to hear anything back from Durham School Services or the school district itself. Can you blame them? It seems they’re too busy trying to educate our children on a pauper’s budget.

No, if the harmless taillights on the back of that bus are evil designs of Satan, then what are we to make of the Republican Party?