Giant disc-shaped object spotted near Littleton, CO

On January 1st, 2015, a passenger of a vehicle has witnessed of a very large blue-white sphere flying at high altitude. Witness was on a road close to Littleton, Colorado.

Witness statement:

I was a passenger in a vehicle driving south in the Ken Karyl area of Littleton, CO near C470East. I looked west and high above the mountains I saw a huge light like a sun--blindingly white like the sun can be in Colorado just before sunset.

The sun was actually setting south of this object. It was large and round looked like a planet just hovering high above. There was a white cloud below the sphere in the shape of an upside down flame. There was a very small cloud to the south, but near the sphere and otherwise the sky was clear.

I looked at many web pictures and I thought it might be a meteoritic fireball but it did not move from one spot and didn't really have a tail. I really wondered if I was seeing something like Melancholia or Ceres, and Ceres was just "hangin' out'. I have seen ball lightning and very large, fast, close meteors and this thing was neither.

We had to keep driving and didn't have a camera but I didn't lose sight of it until I got into my own vehicle and took C470 W to 285 S and up into the hills.

It was amazing and somewhat upsetting. It was a sign and a wonder, but was it lying?