Dark UFO snapped during a family trip in India

On October 2014, a family went on a trip in the Hill Station of Chikhaldara (located in Amravati district, India). One day, they decided to take a photo. Later, they noticed black UFO in background. What is it?

Witness statement:

We are a God fearing Christian family and we went to Chikhaldara (Hill station spot) in 21-23 Oct 2014 for family trip. On 21st we were talking @ UFO and Aliens and one new believer didn’t seem to agree. On 22nd we went to a point called 'Pancahabol' which is a range of mountains and we can hear an echo 5 times. Here we shouted the word 'Hallelujah' several times and enjoyed the echo; before moving out of that point we asked the local photographer to take a family snap and when we developed the photo we observed this strange object in backdrop which when zoomed looks like a UFO. When we enquired about the spot we discovered that more than 30 suicides have taken place on this spot and nobody have ever encountered the UFO earlier here. When the event occurred; the new believer was shocked and we all praised God.

To leave us a memory; we thought to take a photo of a new believer (in colorful shirt) and the local photographer (in white shirt) together in front of the name and description of spot (in Marathi; local language).