Curious UFO photographed over Payne, Ohio

On January 2, 2015, a family drove on a road in Payne (in the state of Ohio) when they noticed a UFO hovering in the sky without noise for a long time. Suddenly, it stopped before to accelerate to extreme speeds.

Witness statement:

On Friday evening, my family was driving home to Payne Ohio. About 8 miles outside of town we observed a bright white light in the sky, appearing to be close to Payne.

As we got closer, I asked my wife what it was. To wit, she responded an airplane. I told her that airplanes do not have bright white lights unless landing or taking off and since there was no airport nearby, it couldn't be.

She again suggested airplane because it had some blinking red lights with it as well.

As we drew closer we could tell it was not moving at all.

We got to the point where it was about 2 football fields away from us and about 1000 ft. in the air. At this point we could tell it was not an airplane or helicopter.

I rolled the window down to take a couple pics, it was completely silent. At that point it started moving, slowly at first and then accelerated to a speed well over 300 miles an hour as it disappeared from our view within 30 seconds or so.