3 unidentified objects snapped over Beaver, PA

On September 12, 2013, two women were driving on a road near the city of Beaver (in Pennsylvania) when they have seen three slowly ascending UFO. Witnesses succeeded to take several photos of these.

Witness statement:

I(Karen) and Bonnie were driving westbound on Tuscarawas Road about 3:30 PM. We saw 3 objects in the sky. I pulled over and took a photo, ceased observation and we continued on our way. My photo will be uploaded as photo file 1. My husband told me that a friend of his also posted a photo of the event which he downloaded from Facebook. It will be uploaded as photo file 2. The exif data on either photo may not be accurate but the creation date of file 2 is accurate and is Sept. 12, 2013. My husband was viewing the internet yesterday and saw your case files 44022 and 44028. Photo file 3 is what one of those witnesses took on Nov. 15, 2012. I submitted this report in an attempt to verify the other reports and that objects were seen. My husband's friend's photo may solve the cases.

That photo is crisp and clear. I will mention once again that the date of my sighting is unclear but approximate.