3 circular-shaped UFOs snapped over Sioux Falls

On August 1st, 2014, a man, his wife and his daughter were in a parking in Sioux Falls (in the state of South Dakota) when woman take a photo of her husband. Several weeks later, he noticed three circular-shaped objects over building in the background. So, what is it?

Witness statement:

This picture was taken in Sioux Falls, Sd during a trip. I was with my wife and daughter in a theatre parking lot. My wife took two pictures of me and my daughter before going into the movie theatre with her iPhone. We didn't notice anything until weeks later while looking at the pictures. I was very surprised to have caught this in a pic but not too surprised that this craft was there. Its my guess that it's a drone of some sort because i have noticed similar craft at night over the last few years. It seems like I've been noticed watching these craft over the years as i started seeing more and more. It became so frequent I'd notice them without trying. Never told many people because its almost impossible to prove. This serves as proof to myself but still don’t know exactly what it is or why they are there. I submitted two pics that were taken just seconds apart one shows the craft and the other the craft seems to be transparent or not there.