3 bright UFO make a triangle shaped in New Mexico

On January 15, 2015, a businessman was in Santa Ana Pueblo (New Mexico) for work. Here, he took a photo of three bright unidentified lights. These objects made a triangle shape. What is it?

Witness statement:

This incident happened while I was in NM on business, and staying at the Hayatt Tamaya in Santa Ana Pueblo. The time was about 7:05 PM and I was attracted by the beautiful sunset skies and wanted to take a photo to send to my wife, back in NC. I used an iPhone 4s, and took several photos of the sky around the hotel.

At no time did I see the lights (objects?) that show up on the attached picture...in other words, this was NOT visible to the naked eye, and only showed up when I checked the photos I had taken.

I am a licensed pilot, with instrument rating, and a former amateur astronomer, so I'm accustomed to observing the skies and noticing details...these lights were definitely not visible to the naked eye at the time the photo was taken.

The lights did not appear in any other photo, either before or after the one being attached, so I doubt this was a malfunction of the camera in my phone. There were also no other point light sources in the general area that might have been bright enough to cause reflections in the lens.

I have no idea what these lights were, but thought it strange enough to report to you.