UFO crashed into the water, Shag Harbourg, Canada

On October 4, 1967, several witnesses have seen a UFO crashing into the water close to the Shag Harbourg coasts, a small fishing community of Nova Scotia (in Canada).

Witness statement:

Five teenage witnesses viewed a craft approximately 1 mile off of the shore line in Shag Harbour. Hovered for a moment, and then titled 45°and descended at a high rate of speed before hitting the water. When the unknown hit the surface of the water, a bright flash and explosive sound was heard.

The witnesses thought it was an airplane crash and immediately reported it to The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The object was also viewed by members of the military, police force, fisherman, and local.
Coast Guard Cutter 101 was dispatched along with several other boats. Upon arrival to the crash site, no lights were viewed. Only a yellow foam was left behind.

Called search party off at 3:00 a.m.

Air traffic checks with Rescue Coordination Center and NORAD, showed there were no missing planes.