UFO appears during night over St Augustine, Florida

On November 30, 2014, during night, an inhabitant of St Augustine was walking on beach when UFO is appeared in sky. It moved erratically before disappear in atmosphere. What is it?

Witness statement:

I was walking down the beach in St Augustine, FL at around midnight and got drawn to a particularly bright star that I believed to be Jupiter. The light suddenly got very bright and seemed to be hurtling toward Earth. My witness and I got very startled and were overcome with fear as it got closer and seemed to moved both vertically up and down and side to side. We could make out a dark disc shape emitting the bright light and realized this was a UFO that seemed to be struggling in the sky as if it were going to crash. We started walking to our car and it moved across the sky to the left. We stopped two others on the beach and ask if they saw it move and they did. We watched the UFO struggle for an hour- lighting up the clouds every so often with a massive light until we noticed 6 other lights that looked further appeared around the UFO as if other smaller ones came to help it. At this time my witnesses and I observed two military planes fly by as well. The 7 UFOs moved into a formation and completely flew out of the atmosphere. An hour observation over all.