Two cylinder-shaped UFO appear over Longview, WA

On December 11, 2014, during a power cut, an inhabitant of Longview (city located in Cowlitz County, State of Washington) has noticed, in the night sky, two cylinder-shaped UFO that flew parallel. This sighting has lasted about 10 seconds.

Witness report:

The power went out in our neighborhood around 4:00 p.m. My fiancé and I decided to leave our house to go get some candles and other things we would need for the outage. We stepped outside and I looked to the sky and thought to myself how brilliant the stars looked. Immediately, I noticed two long cylinder-shaped objects in the sky. I pointed them out to my fiancé and he gasped. We watched the objects for about 10 seconds.

They were parallel to each other and moving in a NE direction. They were brightly lit and white almost silverfish in color and identical. Moving at high speeds, they suddenly began to criss-cross with each other. Kind of zig zagging and began to lower altitude until they vanished behind some pollution clouds from the nearby factory.

This was unlike anything I ever witnessed in my entire life. My fiancé saw it as well and we were both amazed. There is no possible way they could have been known human crafts. Not a shooting star, meteor or comet. Not weather balloons or commonly human made objects. I am positive that they were intelligently maneuvered. There is no doubt in my mind that I saw something truly magnificent tonight.

Photo: Downtown Longview WA, on the corner of Commerce Avenue and Hudson Street (Wikimedia)