Scientists are about to make our brains infinitely smarter

Scientists at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) have discovered a molecule in the brain that, if we interact with it in the right way, will enable us to potentially remember everything.

Imagine being able to remember every page we read from a book and not having to go back to re-read it. Just think about how this will impact education, which is arguably the most important element of our society and changing economy. This kind of impact on brain function will be a game changer, no doubt.

Dr. Keith Murai, and his team of researchers, while examining and studying the brains of rats, observed that the molecule Fragile X Related Protein 1 (FXR1P) naturally suppresses memory creation in the brain. They tinkered around with the molecule, and when it was removed from certain areas of the brain, the lab-rats memory and recall increased tremendously. A full report of the study can be found, here.

Not only can this give us the type of brain some of us have always desired, but can also have important ramifications for diseases such as Autism and Alzheimer’s, which plague us into old age.

The role of FXR1P was a surprising result,” says Dr. Murai. “Previous to our work, no-one had identified a role for this regulator in the brain. Our findings have provided fundamental knowledge about how the brain processes information. We’ve identified a new pathway that directly regulates how information is handled and this could have relevance for understanding and treating brain diseases.

Obviously, this will have to be thoroughly studied and further refined before they start messing around with the molecule in the human brain, but this proves that it is possible. In the meantime, get prepared to one day, and one day soon, start having the brain of Bradley Cooper from the movie Limitless.