Royal Navy detects UFO into waters in 1963

On February 28, 1963, Royal Navy did exercises in waters between Norway and the island of Spitsbergen (Arctic Ocean) when it has detected a UFO…

Witness report:

While doing exercises in the waters between Norway and the island of Spitsbergen, the Royal Navy North Atlantic Fleet had an object bleep their radar at 3:15 a.m. The radar showed the object as a hard and solid, with a strong reflection.

Estimated size of object was approximately 100-120 feet across.

The entrance into the area, was never picked up prior to 3:15 a.m. which proved the object was moving at an unbelievable speed.

Other boats present for the Naval exercise also viewed the object.

The ships attempted to make radio contact with no avail. With that, the ships began maneuvering and viewed the unknown object hovering, mocking their moves. After this, fighter Jet assistance was called in.

When the jets closed in on the object by approximately 10 miles, the object made a steep descending maneuver at incredible speed under the radar. The object was viewed crossing the ships bow from the Port to Star board.

The Sonar began to "ping" and the witness noted that the object was already 20,000 yards(10 miles) below the surface of the water. The object had seemed to slow down at this point, but was still traveling 100's of miles an hour.

The entire event lasted approximately 10 -15 minutes.