New circular UFO filmed near Popocatepetl

On November 2014, a new UFO has again been noticed near the volcan Popocatepetl, in Mexico. Objet looked like a circular white orb.

Scott C. Waring explains:

This is a great shot of a cloud orb. Sure its a bit of a blur, but hey, he got it, and the video allows us to see how it moves. The orb itself appears  as a cloud and moves extremely fast. Its size is about that of a motorcycle, judging from the birds and the buildings. It looks like a fluffy white orb, which is what it wants. It tries to hide its true skin by taking on the appearance of the colors around it, however this one came extremely low over the buildings and still had not changed from its camouflage in the clouds. This all took place at the foot of volcano Popocatetl, famed for its UFOs entering end exiting it. SCW