Missile-shaped UFO snapped over Corfu, Greece

On August 13, 2014, Alex, a tourist, was on holyday in Corfu, Greece. One day, on photo taken, he has noticed an unidentified missile-like object. Evidently, it was not a plane or other.

Witness statement:

13th of August 2014 - Corfu

Took a family photo on top of mountain. No planes or helicopters in sight as we were on the north of the island, away from the southern (only) airport. Months later I discovered a strange object (as shown in the top right of the most zoomed out pic). It appeared on no other photos, suggesting it was not a problem with the camera/lens. Zooming in, it appears to be a missile-like object, with a large orangey-red square above it.

I have added two zoomed in photos of the object.

Would appreciate an opinions on the photo,