Immense UFO spotted over Kingman, Arizona

On August 10, 2012, several family members have seen, above Kingman (located in the state of Arizona, USA), three bright flashes of light. This alien craft was larger than a football field. No photos or video has been taken …

Witness statement:

We were staying at my wife's mom and dad's place. We were staying in our fifth wheel travel trailer. At about 9:20 I took our dog out to use the restroom. The night was clear and warm I was looking at the mountain range that is not very far from where we were staying. After the dog finished his business I picked him up and was walking back to the trailer. There were 3 very very bright flashes of light. I'm taking like they were as bright as welding flashes. I was walking to the west I turned my head over my left shoulder and seen a ship that was huge just sitting there. It was triangular shape with lights running down the middle of it. The lights were white and I could see the shape very clearly. I stood there for a bit just looking at it. All of a sudden I took off running towards the trailer I was probably about 15 feet from the door I jerked the door opened and told my wife come here and look at this. She was getting up when I looked back up over my right shoulder and it was gone. I stepped away from the trailer and started looking for it. I looked all over and it was not there. I never heard a noise or anything. I told my wife what I saw. I still don't know how anything that big could have disappeared that fast. I didn't sleep very well that night. I asked my father in law if they had ever seen anything weird before and he surprised me and said yes. I told him what I saw and he said they have never seen anything like that but they had seen other things. For some reason he still will not talk about what they have seen.