Huge triangular-shaped UFO above Bayonne, NJ

On December 19, 2009, an automobilist has been frightened after to have seen a giant triangular-shaped UFO flying over house before disappear towards Northeast. This object has been spotted since Bayonne, in New Jersey.

Witness statement:

I was outside of a Gas Station on 21st and Avenue E in Bayonne, NJ

I was looking West when I spotted a Black Triangle about 200 feet to 300 feet above me.. Actually seem to be 50 to 75 above the rooftops - very low

It was all black except for lights on the bottom of the triangle

1 light in each corner and then 5 lights surrounding a large center light

It hovered briefly over me for 30 to a 1 minute and then kept heading east but then suddenly banked to the left showing me the top of the triangle that was completely flat with no lights or features...

It turned almost vertical as it banked and then went towards the old navy base in Bayonne, NJ

The Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal Sealift and Command (Bayonne MOT or MOTBY)

Unfortunately, the Gas Station had security cameras but they weren't working and no one else in my vicinity saw it...

Also, it made no sounds...