Horseshoe-shaped UFO over mountains in Colorado Springs

On December 16, 2014, a man and his wife have seen a bright horseshoe-shaped UFO flying over the mountains of Colorado Spring. According to witness, it moved slowly before to disappear mysteriously…

Witness statement:

My wife and I were driving home from the store when we noticed a strange light above the North ridge of Pikes Peak. We were driving at the time, headed West on Woodmen Rd, Then West on Rockrimmon, then West on Vindicator. We witnessed what I thought was a light that had a horseshoe shape, my wife thought it was an object emitting light but the shape was consistent for both of us. My wife pulled out her cell phone and snapped two pictures of the light/object. The pictures are obviously not as detailed as what we saw but did offer a picture that shows a light with a sense of direction. The photos were both taken at 4:48pm on the 16th of December, with an iPhone 5s. We noticed the object because it was extremely bright at dusk. The brightness is what brought our attention to it. I had no clue what the object might have been when I first laid eyes it but my wife thought it was some type of rocket. The light/object was just above the North ridge of Pikes Peak, it was a constant yellow-orange-reddish light that was unwavering in brightness. It appeared as a horseshoe shape with the ends of the shoe pointed down and turned at an angle so you could see the opening at the bottom and the arch at the top. It seemed to move slowly in a Southern direction then hover. The sighting lasted a whole of 2 minutes. Then the object simply disappeared with no trace left. We both felt hearts race and a feeling of excitement but almost doubt as well. My wife looked for any explanation that it could be on the internet and found nothing. We researched more into this and that's when we found MUFON.