Head on Mars has protruding cheek bones

On December 12, 2014, Scott C. Waring, ufologist living in Taiwan, has discovered a possible alien face on Mars by watching photo taken by NASA. What is it? Strange Martian sculpture or optical illusion?

Waring tells:

Lets try to get ahead today shall we? Uh...sorry, it's Saturday here in Taiwan and I was looking through some Mars photos when I noticed this big head in the middle of the photo. The eye was evident, but looks as if it were closed. The nose and mouth are easy to make out. The lower jaw is very small and looks like it has very little strength in it. The back area of the skull has some interesting protruding cheek bone ridges which really make this species kind of cool looking. Remember this photo is HD, so check it out. Lots of things to yet to find. SCW