Cigar-shaped UFO over Ford City, PA

On several occasions, in 1976, a cigar-shaped has been sighted over or near Ford City, in the State of Pennsylvania. Today, one witness has decided to tell his own story.

Witness report:

Two events around this time period. I know it was summer clear day I was very young and my mother saw as well. She passed away in 1998. I am willing to talk to someone but I never forgot these events.

1) First many times over this time period I saw many jets flying VERY low over the Ford City Football field. During the morning evening and I could hear them at night,

2) First event I was told was a jet - I still do not believe it was, it was a dark boomerang shape. No lights sounds. It flew from the east to a north west direction heading kept elevating. When I explained this to my Uncle and Father they said it was a new fighter plane. It was a Boomerang.

3) This one I KNOW was neither. It was a cigar shape with two items that looked like wings more towards the center of the object. It was about 3 pm in the summer. No noise or clouds etc. It appeared black but that may be because it was silhouetted by the sun. We noticed this directly overhead and when we first saw it - it appeared very high and using your fingers to measure it was as wide as I could spread my thumb and pointer. It continued to go straight up until it was no longer visible.

The boomerang did not appear to be a jet - but it could have been. The second if possible I will attach a crudely drawn picture. The first just draw a boomerang. For the cigar with wings I could not find any reports on the internet like this one. I found many boomerangs but they had lights. My sightings had NO lights.