A UFO filmed during a program TV

A man living in Burlington (in Ontario, Canada) was watching his TV when he has noticed a sort of blue explosion to the moon with green beam from earth on the screen. Today, witness tries to understand the origin of this phenomenon…

Witness reports:

I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around what I witnessed on October 10 2014 and am hoping you can help.

I was watching live coverage of a local football game being played at Nelson high school when at a stoppage in the game, the cameraman points his camera up towards the fantastic full moon that was on display that night. As it was pointed up there, I noticed out of their corner of my eye a weird blue light that looked like an explosion just left of the moon and it caught me really off guard. Luckily I was able to rewind the footage and watch it over again. The more I watched this ten second clip, the more I discovered. Coming in from the east at an incredible speed I see a craft coming in on a straight path just past the moon. Right behind it there is another craft that appears to be chasing it. The smaller craft then catches up to the larger one which prompts it to make a sharp turn away as if it's trying to lose the smaller craft. With them going this speed I just don't see how any human aircraft could maneuver like that. If I wasn't able to slow down the footage I wouldn't have even been able to make these out that's how fast they were moving. As this is going on, I witnessed another craft in the centre of the screen that is hovering beneath the moon for a few seconds and then suddenly it begins to ascend up toward the moon and it disappeared at the exact time the blue light I had mentioned began to appear. I then discovered that at the same time the blue shockwave/explosion appears there is also a large green shockwave that comes up from the earth almost as if it is connected to the blue light.

After the blue explosion happens, I see two more crafts coming East to west across the screen as if they are chasing each other like the ones before. As the smaller craft gets closer all of a sudden the larger craft is able to come to a complete stop and begins to hover as the other craft passes it and disappears. With the speeds these were going and then seeing it come to a complete stop in a millisecond made me really question what I was witnessing. I have never seen or know of any human aircrafts that have those capabilities.

I was needless to say feeling a little uneasy after seeing this and was confused as to what it was. I called my good friend over to watch it as well to make sure my mind wasn't playing tricks on me and sure enough, he saw all the same activity. I even went to the point of getting him to record the same program on his TV to make sure it wasn't something wrong with my screen and he was able to witness all the same things on his TV at home.

Ever since I saw that I have felt a little on edge and extremely curious as to what it was. I emailed the broadcasting company as soon as I saw it to get them to review the tape and investigate further but I never heard a response from them.

Unfortunately the only footage I have is on the DVR of my TV and when I try to record it to my phone so I can attach it to this report it is impossible to make anything out. I hope you find this serious enough to investigate and I will gladly meet with a field investigator to show then the tape as I am keen to get your input.

I look forward to connecting with you.