A mother ship sighted in India during night

On December 2, 2014, on a road between Agra to Delhi (in India), several friends have seen a giant red triangular-shaped UFO. One of the witnesses has taken a photo. According to him, this UFO was maybe a mother ship!

Witness report:

I was traveling in a bus with my friends from Agra to Delhi. On the way close to Greater Noida I saw this pattern in sky. I do have the pic of it. It was red and triangular in shape. Looked like Alien Mother-ship. There was no cloud in sky. the patter of light or trail was in such a way that no human made flying object can make. Since it was dark there was no reason of it to glow red until or unless it had its own source of light. I got scared. I showed it to my friend. Though he could not understand as he is not an alien believer. But I made him see it so that I will have one more witness for the event. I do have the pic. its not very clear but quite good. I hope you will study this pic and event and get me something on it. Thank you