White round UFO appears over West Valley City

On November 21, 2014, at night, a white round spherical glowing object is appeared in the sky. At this moment, witness was in West Valley City, a city located over Salt Lake County, Utah. No photo or video has been taken.

Witness report:

White sphere seen slowly (NNW) heading north by north west at about 9 to 10 thousand feet AGL (altitude ground level)...... approximately. For those people thinking International Space Station, it heads in an Eastern direction.

I called a friend to go out to see the object. Time noted on cell phone when I called my friend was 6:11 pm. As I called my friend it suddenly dimmed and seemed to speed up. It may have also climbed in altitude? In a few seconds I lost sight of it due to light pollution and it being so far on the horizon. Estimation of total time of sighting was two minutes or less. My friend has lots of trees and tall building around his homes outer perimeter. So his view was blocked where I told him the object was in reference to his location.

Shortly after the object was gone, I notice a small aircraft heading south. In reference to the white sphere seen, in estimation the object was slight higher in elevation and slightly farther away from me. Estimated size of round white sphere was about 3/16th of an inch in size at arm’s length.

The object made no sound and had no visible FAA markers. Nothing on the object blinked.

Picture submitted. It is only a reference in that it is similar. The star map is actual time frame of the sighting.