White and bright UFO appeared over Rainbow Lake, Canada

On November 28, 2014, a man and his wife have sighted a bright and white UFO while they were driving on a road in the town of Rainbow Lake located in northwest Alberta, in Canada. This object reappeared and disappeared on several times…

Witness statement:

We were driving when my husband noticed a bright light in the blue sky. The time was around 9:00am and the temperature WAS -32c, there were no clouds at all.

We watched it for a bit joking that we finally had seen a UFO.. then it disappeared. We were surprised at that but continued driving wondering what it was that we say. About 3-5 minutes later the light reappeared but in a different place. We watched as it moved through the sky, finally we decided to stop and then took some pictures. I had my iPhone 5s to max zoom when I took the picture, we could not make out the actual shape, but the light seemed to get brighter, also heard no sounds. Finally we went on our way and that was it. I would like to know what it is we saw.

Cindy Nielson