Multiple bright UFO over San Francisco California

On October 31, 2014, on night, an automobilist has filmed, over San Francisco (in California) a multitude of unidentified fireballs flying in the sky. Witness has taken multiple photos. What is it? Chinese lanterns?

Witness report:

Ufos Oct 31, 2014
Driving north on Spruce toward Euclid. San Francisco CA
Time approx. 8:30-8:45 pm

I see the sky in front of me filled with orange-red fireballs with tails.

They are moving like a flock of phoenix from west toward east with a slight northerly direction. The individual orange fireballs moved like a flock of migrating birds.

I stop the car and get out with my iphone. The phone at first won’t turn on. Then I can not access the camera. When I click on the camera it automatically returned to my home screen or went white. All this time—the fireballs keep moving from west to east—disappearing into what appeared like twilight fog. I was finally able to take 7 pictures.

3 of the pictures in sequence demonstrate the patterns and movement of the objects together . I was only able to photograph the end of the group. When large numbers were passing my iPhone would not take pictures.

In addition I attempted to take video. Of my 2 attempts—upon review they only lasted 1 and 7 seconds. I wonder how they appeared to me like huge balls of fire just a half a city-block away--but when photographed they look like stars in the distance.