Large triangular object sighted above Overland Park

On July 23, 2013, a man was working in his backyard when he has seen a large and flat triangular-shaped UFO over his home located in the city of Overland Park (in Johnson County, Kansas).

Witness statement:

I was working in my backyard. My golden retriever started barking and jumping straight up. I looked up and, over the high trees in the N/NW corner of the backyard, the nose, then body, of a green triangle came. The green was the color or the tree leaves (medium light green, not a military green). It was silent, no visible lights, no windows or other apertures. The triangle seemed flat. It flew over my yard and its size was about the size of my yard which is fairly large. It was not going fast. In order to just show up like that, it would have had to fly over I-35 and I-69. Both highways are wide open and one can see for quite a distance. I never heard if anyone else saw the triangle. My dog continued jumping at it until it disappeared over the house going S/SE. My first reaction was that it was a military vehicle and I waved at it because it was so low. Then as time moved on, I wondered what I'd seen and started looking for any information but could not find anything. Keep in mind this was at about 1:15 p.m. on a sunny day and if my dog hadn't jumped and barked at it, I wouldn't have seen it. It was that quiet. (I've seen Stealth bombers both on the ground and in flight and this triangle had no flaps etc. As to the size with re to the Stealth, I don't know. The triangle was large.)