Huge triangular-shaped UFO over the Austin airport

On June 25, 2014, a family was in their car near the airport of Austin (in Texas). Suddenly, they have seen a giant triangular-shaped UFO. This object emitted lights at these ends. No photo or video has been taken. What is it?

Witness statement:

My husband picked myself and our 3 kids up from the Austin airport after we came back from California. Our flight landed on 6/25/2013 at 10:50 or 10:55pm. I had to drive us back so I was in the driver seat. My husband hurt his shoulder and couldn't drive back. After we left the airport and turned onto highway 71 where there are stop lights along the highway, I believe we only drove about a mile on the 71 when we stopped at the light. Huge lights caught my eye out the window directly above our car. I said to everybody, what's that up there, look! I wanted to get out but my husband's shoulder was in too much pain (skateboarding injury the day before) and he was grouchy and wanted to go home. All my kids looked up through the windows too and saw what I saw.

It was huge, looked to be triangular shaped because of the location of the lights. One at the point of the triangle and lights angled down on either side. It seems like there were either 5 or 7 lights that I saw, but not sure. I do recall seeing to the left of me out the window and in front through the windshield and could only make out a triangle shape because of the location of the lights. I saw very large bright lights, round, but could not tell if if was a solid object hovering above. I didn't have much time since we were at a stoplight. It was massive in size and we did not hear any sounds of any kind. We did not have the windows rolled down though. We had to drive off when the light turned green but I recall trying to keep looking through my window as I was driving but couldn't watch for more than a few seconds. I do not know if it stayed there for a while or flew off. I believe it was a UFO. I was very excited about witnessing this. I am a believer in ET's.

I wish I could talk to someone else that saw this too. Anyone out there that saw this that same night?

My kids remember this as well as I do. It was awesome. Only wish I had gotten out and been able to take photos or just watch a while longer.