Huge cigar-shaped UFO spotted over Hiawatha, Iowa

At the beginning of November, a man was walking in streets in Hiawatha (city in Linn County, Iowa) when he has seen a gigantic cigar-shaped object in broad daylight…

Witness reports:

At 2:53 p.m. on November 6, 2014 I was out walking my dog and saw a cigar shaped object moving from the southeast to the northwest. The reflective object was at about 25,000 feet and lower than a passenger jet in the vicinity. The object was moving slower than the dark passenger jet which appeared to be at about 34,000 feet and flying from east to west. There was no sound and no con-trail. The object appeared to be flying horizontal. The cigar-shaped object was larger that the passenger jet. The observation lasted two to three minutes.

Hiawatha City Hall Hiawatha, Iowa (Wikimedia)