High speed UFO photographed over municipality of Ekurhuleni

On November 20, 2014, a witness has sighted an object taking off vertical at high speed in the sky over the town of Isando, located in the Province of Gauteng (in South Africa). Suddenly, UFO has turned 90 degrees before to disappear in the horizon in less than two minutes.

Witness statement:

I arrived at work at 07:55 South African time when an employee waited for me at the security gate to tell me what they have just seen (They our staff member and one of our suppliers).

He informed me that they were stunned by what just happened. They were taking photos of a new trailer that was delivered when the spotted a silver object (Silver trail) (Could not really see the object itself other than the silver streak behind).

Two photos were taken before it disappeared in the distance within two minutes of spotting it on the horizon in the south east and losing it on the horizon in the North West.

Both witnesses recall that it appeared to take off vertical at the same speed as it was flying away but that it shot up through the clouds moving slightly to avoid a cloud then turning 90 degrees and then shooting away towards the north east.

No sound could be heard at all. Note this was at 07:23 am with the sun rising in the east.

Also note that the O R Thambo international airport is just a few miles away from where the object was spotted.

This is the second time that this type of fast moving craft was spotted by my fellow employee. The first time I was with him and our whole company spotted 3 craft flying at such speeds but they left contrails looking like cork screw effect.

My feeling this was not a craft from here as it moved to fast.