Giant black UFO over Pikesville, Maryland

On October 28, 2014, in the late afternoon, an automobilist has photographed, several times, a giant black UFO over Pikesville (in Maryland) without see or hear it…

Witness statement:

On a shopping trip on Tuesday, October 28th at 5 p.m. Stopped for a red light at an intersection, and noticed some beautiful fall trees just across the street. I was the passenger, so I took several photos with an iPhone. While looking at the trees in front of us, conversation with the driver was about the number of wires and a telephone pole that would detract from the photograph. We were wondering if they could be photoshopped out, but I remarked that there were far too many and decided to take photos of other trees farther to the left. All of the time that we were at the red light, we were looking across the street at the colorful trees.

I had forgotten that I took the photos until I was looking at other photos on my phone today. I looked at the first tree photo, thinking about the wires, and suddenly saw the LARGE object between two trees. HOW could I NOT have seen that when I was looking at the trees OR when taking the photographs? How could EITHER of us NOT have seen that? If it had been a blimp or helicopter, or even a small plane that close to us, we would have heard something. There was no noise other than regular traffic.

I have looked at these photographs five times today. Fascinated. Trying to figure out WHAT that thing is and WHY we didn't see it when we were looking directly at its path. Thought of a lot of possibilities, but it doesn't seem to fit any category. Admittedly, I know very little about aircraft types, other than passenger planes, the Stealth bomber and the flying wing, but it doesn't look like any plane I've seen, partly due to the unusual formation at the back, looking like a black triangle. Doesn't seem to be a bird. Not something on the windshield because it has moved behind a tree in the second photo. I even looked up the schedule for the Goodyear blimp, on the slim possibility that it might be that (although I have SEEN the blimp in person and it's NOISY!). Blimp was in California this week anyway. Also, the object appears to be a dull gray color, no evidence of the blue and yellow on the blimp.

I would be VERY interested to learn what others might think this is. I'm not saying it's otherworldly, but it sure doesn't fit any parameters *I* know.