California split into six states?

One US billionaire is suggesting that California be divided into a total of six individual states. "California needs a reboot. I think that with six Californias, it gives us a chance to make it our government. We can make it more local, better representation, closer to us," American billionaire Timothy Draper states in an official report.

American billionaire Timothy Draper has collected more than 808 thousand votes under a petition on dividing California into six separate states, the FoxNews channel reports Wednesday.

Draper is sure that this number of votes will be sufficient to bring the issue to a national referendum in November, 2016. According to his plan, California will be divided into such states as Silicon Valley, Jefferson, as well as North, South, West and Central California. Draper has already spent more than 4.9 million dollars from its own funds for this initiative.
"This is important, as it will help us to create a more responsive, innovative and more local government, all this will eventually lead to a better life for all Californians," said the representative of the campaign.

Critics call Draper's plan "idiotic" and pointed out that previous attempts of splitting the state, of which there were about 220, failed and did not lead to anything. Draper intends to hand the signatures to state authorities and in case of approval they will be submitted to the US Congress.