Bright UFO over a cemetery in Los Angeles, California

On July 7, 2014, two persons, living in Los Angeles (California), walked through cemetery when one of them has photographed a possible UFO. Object was not visible at naked eyes. But, when they tried to go home, engine of their car was down… Coincidence?

Witness report:

We were walking through Hollywood Forever Cemetery. I took this photo and when I got home I saw it on the screen.

Just before this photo, I told my husband I thought there was going to be an earthquake because I felt weird as if something was going to happen, and the trees were bending inwards in an unnatural way at the tops. I thought I must be imagining it. I took this photo just seconds after that. I felt scared taking the photo for some reason.

I have a professional camera Canon EOS.

Our car wouldn't start when we tried to go home, and we had to buy a new battery from the pickup mechanic to get home as our battery was dead. Nothing else occurred.

There was nothing in the sky at the time of the photo being taken and I only saw this on the photo. About ten minutes later a helicopter was seen.

I was not wearing any jewelry or anything that was metallic and there was nobody around me when I took the photo so it could not be a reflection on the lens.