Black triangular-shaped UFO over Middleburg, Florida

On February 10, 2011, a dad and his son have sighted, over Middleburg (in Clay County, Florida), three very bright lights flying at low altitude. These lights formed a perfect black triangular-shaped UFO.

Witness statement:

I was driving home with my son from Mcdonalds just after dark. I noticed what looked like 3 very bright lights just hovering just above the tree line (which was what caught my attention, it was just a bit higher than the light post) I was thinking to myself that is too low for a helicopter, they aren't allowed to hover so close plus my window was down and didn't hear anything, which i had thought to myself, that low I would have certainly been able to hear it. But no. As we approached it and passed it I could see a perfect triangle no curves anywhere and it was black, so black it made the dusky sky look blue against it. The lights that i thought was in a row at a distance were I guess the three white lights on each corner, and a red one in the center. Just looked very different from when I first spotted it. Still very silent as we passed. My son by this time was concerned, upset with me cause I was more curious than scared. He still doesn't like to talk about it. I decided to do a u turn about qrtr mile I from the sighting, it was totally gone by the time I returned to the area. NOTHING was in the sky, no plane no helicopters etc. Made Me think maybe I just imagined it, but I remind myself my son was also a witness that I wasn't alone .. he saw it too whether he thrilled about it or not. I had believed that there could be ET out there, but never was one to believe in triangle UFO> until I saw it... came back home turned on computer, pulled up black triangle and was amazed how it matched, I didn't know much at all about them at the time. I have had a couple other things happen here behind house.. that I can't explain... strobe light beams coming thru my bedroom window, I also have a witness for that too. Scared him, he kept asking me what that was ,.. it was the second time that had happened but the first time i was alone, I didn't know what to tell him. So I sat silent for a bit trying to figure something out to say. How does one explain this? when I don't know either. Had another incident where there was a deep hum over or around the house, (This happened before I had my triangle sighting) eventually my TV shut off and my bulldog which was laying at the bottom of my bed she jumped off bed timidly and when I got up to turn a light on I was in the dark, I ran into to her standing where I laying facing the back wall, same wall couple years later that the lights would beam into room. She was scared. Then I heard a sound like someone hit the wall behind where the TV is. No idea what all the other personal experiences boil down too, but I do know what I saw. Something else came up when my oldest son came home literally right after me and my young’s son returned home from sighting, I told my youngest don't tell anyone, lets not get ridiculed, but my oldest came in and was excited cause he said he just some kind out of this world fast light shooting in the sky, so my son and I told him what we had just saw ourselves Not sure if its the same object. Had I not seen what I saw, I would have thought he just saw a shooting star. But since we had just seen what we saw, I can't be sure what my oldest saw.