Yellow UFO with chemtrails appeared over Cedarville

On October 17, 2014, a witness has noticed several chemtrails in the sky, above the little city of Cedarville (in Crawford County, Arkansas). So, he decided to take some photos. On one of these images, a strange yellow UFO appeared…

Witness statement:

I notice a large number of con-trails that afternoon. I went outside and took two images of the sky which included the Sun. I had no idea there was anything different on one of the images. I am familiar of lens flair and this could be doesn't appear to be. The other shot shows no such flair. I only noticed the spot when I went back inside and looked at the images on the camera viewfinder. The area was on the first image taken at 6:14 and not on the second image taken at 6:18. The time between the images was just short of 5 minutes. After I took the first image I went inside and pulled it up on the viewfinder then went back outside and took the second and that is why there is almost 5 minutes between them. I am sure there must be a good reason for this but it just looks different or possibly real and this is the first time I have sent one of my pictures in for a second look.

I didn't see the object so I can't answer some of the questions although it requires me to check a box.