Yellow strange UFO photographed over Sukabumi

A British tourist was gone on holidays in Indonesia. On October 10, 2014, he was on a beach in Sukabumi with his girlfriend when he has decided to take multiple photos. Later, he noticed, on one of them, a mysterious green-yellow UFO…

Witness report:

I am from England and I was at turtle beach Sukabumi Indonesia for a few days break from my home in Jakarta Indonesia with my Indonesian girlfriend Siti who was walking along the beach around lunchtime on 10th October 2014, I took approximately 8 photos of her walking along the beach about 1 second apart.

When she looked at the photo's only 1 of them had a green object above her head that seemed to be a fair way out at sea and therefore quite large.

On inspecting the photo's taken a second before and a second after the one I submitted to you there was no object in the other photo's.

We showed the picture to 5 or 6 westerners that were around and watching us as the area is quite sparse and none of them saw the object.