Very bright orb photographed over Pine, Arizona

On June 10, 2014, a witness has photographed above Pine (in the State of Arizona) something of very strange in sky. On photo published on MUFON website, we can see a very bright orb and several mysterious clouds…

Witness statement:

I was exiting the Post Office in Pine, Arizona and was just about to get into my car in the P.O. parking lot at the front of the building facing Highway 87. I noticed that there appeared to be a storm front coming my way from the North and thought it would make a good picture as the sun was beginning to be covered by the oncoming storm front. There was clear blue sky on one side of the sky and a dark oncoming curtain of clouds on the other side. I didn't notice anything unusual until my wife downloaded the picture into our computer about 21 days after I took the photograph. We started to look closely at the picture I'd taken. First of all, we noticed the sky was full of rays of light from the setting sun and many of the rays were different colors, blue, red, white, etc. it was very beautiful. My wife then noticed a bright, white, luminous orb-like object which appeared to be hovering over the highway about 30 feet from where I took the picture. At first my wife thought it was just a reflection from some type of shiny, reflective surface hanging from a shop window or something, but upon closer investigation we observed that the "orb" was not suspended from anything at all, but hovering by itself above Highway 87. I did not see this "orb" at the time that I took the photo.

We then began to look more closely at the surroundings in the photo and observed there were several small whisps of what appeared to be clouds above the mountain in the background. We magnified the "clouds" and saw that the one on the far left of the photo resembled closely the classic saucer/disc type UFO, with a dome on top and what resembled landing gear or appendages of some type below. Upon looking at another "cloud", we saw that it, too, looked more like a saucer than a cloud because it was vaguely cigar-shaped and there appeared to be some type of energy burst (a circle) near one side of it. I don't know what that could be. There is one other "cloud" that also resembles a craft of some sort, as when magnifying it the center becomes a solid block and the remainder of it seems to maintain the shape of a cloud. As I said, I did not see any of these objects until we closely observed the photograph after downloading it into our computer. That's it. There is a feeling my wife gets from looking at the photo that something is happening that cannot be seen, due to so many bright lights of different colors and the unusual cloud formations, not to mention the incredibly brilliant orb in the center of the photo, hovering above the highway.