Unexplained UFO over Goshen, New York

On September 15, 2014, during approximately one hour, multiple unexplained lights have been sighted in the night sky moving paralleling an aircraft, over the town of Goshen (in New York State).

Witness report:

My girlfriend saw what started as an unusual light in the night sky. It was observed for approx. 30 minutes then noticed an aircraft overhead.

Object then became bright, then dimmed to reveal a shape of an inverted 'Y.' Then the object became illuminated again moving to the left on the horizontal seemingly paralleling the aircraft and mimicking the strobe pattern of the aircraft.

She then lost sight of the aircraft (plane) and the object was seen doing circular motions and then vanished to the right in the night sky.

There is mention of hearing the actual aircraft (plane) overhead, but nothing for the "object" and we had another sighting on sat 09/13/14 at approx. 2130 hrs.

As a blinking light; white, red and green, all at the same time from an object at a great distance. Object seemed to move within the same area for an extended amount of time before it not seen again.

I almost called the Police Department to ask if there was helicopter traffic over Middletown, but didn't want to come off as a freak.